Friday, September 5, 2008
What's New From Pamela Friday?

Much as I'll miss it, summer is unofficialy over in the States and school is back in session pretty much everywhere which means one thing- more time for scrapping!

It also means that there's lots of fun summer pictures just sitting on your hard drive waiting to be turned into art. Boy do I have the kit for you...Paradise Bound, check it out!

What about this kit doesn't say summer? Beach balls, martinis, bright colors surf boards, and sunshine! And, I have new super powers. (Maybe I'm saying that because I'm watching Disney's The Incredibles, but I feel pretty powerful with this one!) I get to give gifties!! So, post your summer pictures this week and next week I'll pic my fave (possibly faves) to win this...

It's my new fave in the shop- Scalloped Date Stamps. Oops, that's two new things...I may be moving too fast! I'm not excited or anything. But really, these are my favorites. I'm gonna have to do some playing with them.

Of course, rules have to apply so here they are. 50% of your page must be done with Pamela Gibson designs. I'll be looking for Paradise Bound elements and giving them more credit since, well, this is a post about it.

So, go pull up those pics and make us smile. Pamela has her own gallery now- fill it up! The more you create, the more chances you have to win.


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